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Most Accurate & Safeenzymes in the industry

Aum Enzymes is a metabolic engineering firm specializing microbial origin, industrial-grade enzymes produced by solid-state fermentation and submerged fermentation.

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Animal Feed Enzymes

Malt has traditionally been used to add enzymes. However, there has been a shift for some time,…

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Animal Feed Enzymes

Animal feed for cattle and farm animals is an expensive and laborious affair. Enzyme supplements can improve…

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Aquaculture Enzymes

In Aquaculture, the primary purpose of farmers is to enhance the yield. It’s essential to prevent nutritional…

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Baking Industry Enzymes

A mass-produced and distributed Bread needs a little help from food science to achieve machining tolerance, volume…

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Bio Preservation Enzymes

Enzymology is a new field of research in dermatology and cosmetics that tries to discover how enzymes…

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Brewing Industry Enzymes

Beer is produced by yeast fermentation of sugars and the basic ingredient for beer is barley. It…

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We have 12 years of experience, in this industry

The firm's core skills are total enzymes solution under one roof. Aum enzymes have been serving the needs of technical grade enzymes users in various field viz. Enzymes for Textile Industry, Enzymes for Leather Industry, Enzymes for Animal Feed Industry etc. Our reach in the industry in only increasing.

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    Aum Enzymes has been listed as one of the Top ten Food Enzymes manufacturers in the world.

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